Bronze!!! at the Europeans for Lowie & Lal Mira

The past week (17-23 July) were the Europeans for Children & Juniors at the beautiful Gestut Schafhof in Kronberg. Lina’s student Lal Mira and Lowie had a strong performance the first day scoring 75,685% for 12th place. The second day they improved on their score from the first day to finish 5th with 79,959%! The final day was the most thrilling of all. Lal Mira rode Lowie with a knife between her teeth to score again a massive 79,364% and claimed the bronze medal!!! This was beyond our greatest dream and we couldn’t be more proud of Lal Mira, Lowie and the whole team surrounding them. It takes a village to get such an achievement and this was no small feat!!! Again, PROUD is an understatement!