Behind the excellent horse care and UZN Stables successes is an outstanding team of professionals that complement each other with their individual expertise. To acquire the optimal result, the team holds constructive and timely communication in high regard. Besides Lina Uzunhasan the team consists of the following people:


Pelin Mutludogan

Being Lina Uzunhasan’s mother alone makes Pelin an indispensable part of the UZN Stables’ team. She is in charge of the stables’ everyday management, timetables and competition schedules. Lina: ‘My mother is my best friend and biggest motivator. She’s always present whenever I’m training. She helps me at times when there is no one else there to help me and does all she can for the yard.’


Ali Uzunhasan

Lina Uzunhasan’s father Ali can be regarded as the UZN Stables’ architect. A man keen on deepening his knowledge of matters through extensive research and gained experience, he is at the basis of this dressage stables’ philosophy and generous facilities. Lina: ‘My father is my biggest supporter and an enormous fan of dressage, which deeply interests him. He was one of my first trainers and he still trains me sometimes.’


Antonio Luciani

As a veterinarian, Antonio Luciani is closely intertwined with the horses’ management at UZN Stables. Being an expert in the area of sport horse guidance, the Italian vet can be found on the family’s grounds on a regular basis. Lina: ‘He has a really sharp eye when it comes to horses. He sees more than just the veterinarian part. He also attends the dressage training and if something is up, he can indicate whether it is work related or not.’



René is in charge of UZN Stables’ maintenance. If something needs fixing or if there is an urgent need for something new, René is the person to talk to. Lina: ‘René really is our jack-of-all-trades around the yard. He is multi-skilled and can fix anything. We can’t do without him.’


Ruud Maipjo

Ruud Maipjo is Lina’s personal trainer. Just like the horses, the rider has to be in tiptop shape. More stability, balance and mental fitness contribute to an even better result. Lina: ‘I work with Ruud twice a week to improve my seat and overall fitness. I really notice the difference. I also do Pilates with my trainer Paulina to further increase my rider balance and concentration.’

Smokey action


Little Smokey is our biggest friend. He can be grumpy but all horses love him. They all want him around because he’s so social. Smokey is always hungry and makes you laugh. He is our stable mascot!