Small Tour Uden: ‘Good feeling despite two expensive mistakes’

Lina en Donna Ray were able to realise a strong result during the Dutch Subtop show in Uden. In the combined Small Tour class, with Prix St. Georg and Young Riders team test, they achieved a second place. Their performance was rewarded with 69,28%.
Lina had a super feeling during the test but there were also two expensive mistakes. Donna spooked from something in the audience during the right shoulder in and the mistake at the final center line was even a bit awkward. Lina almost slipped out of a stirrup and Donna reacted with a very nice but unintentional one tempi change.

Nevertheless is was clear that afterwards a good feeling had the upper hand. Lina: ‘This could have been a 72/73% test without the two big errors. But things like that happen in dressage. So it’s part of the game. More important for me is that these mistakes can easily be fixed and the quality of the test was there. Donna felt super. I’m happy with it!’

Watch here the test of Lina en Donna in Uden: